I have the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Murwillumbah, in the Northern Rivers.

I have worked here since I moved to this area in 2008. It always called me so I decided to finally settle in and make this my home. I established my business here in town and didn't look back. Creating a fantastic community of like minded people who not only were they as obsessed as me with personal development but also loved nature, holistic living and wanted to upgrade their consciousness.

Last year I decided to leave my bubble and extend my business to the Gold Coast, working from the clinic Thrive, in Elanora.

I now also work from home with my online business, with amazing views of the river, and hold all my zoom sessions here. 

This place calls the dreamers, artists and all who are looking for a gentler and more holistic way of life.

Sessions with me are available in Murwillumbah, online via Zoom from my home to yours. 

Palm Beach, Murwillumbah and Online sessions are now available.