LELA DIAZI have been in the field of studying the mind and Energy for over 15 years.

I delved deeply into this area because of my own experience and the unravelling of my own mind. I had an insatiable thirst for knowing and understanding my mind at a time when I felt like everything was turning to chaos inside of me. 

I had what I can only describe now as a mystical experience, where one day, in my own living room, on a normal day, I suddenly found myself, out of my body, and experiencing myself in oneness with the universe. 

When I was finally back into my body, everything had changed, and I started experiencing the world in a completely different way. I could see, feel, hear, and sense so much more than before, to the point that I felt like I was going crazy....my world had changed, my reality had changed, and I started to question my mind.

I spent a few years trying to dumb it all down... as we do... and at the same time diving into book after book, trying to get my hands into everything that might have the answers that I was seeking about what had happened, and also, what to do with these new senses that I had. 

I dove deep...deep into understanding energy, psychic phenomena, and the mind.

The meaning of psychic is "of the mind and of the soul".... so there I went, to the depths of my mind, so that I could take full control of these new found faculties.

When I had some understanding I started using these abilities to help my fellow humans. I have done hundreds of private sessions doing Psychic and Energy Readings and I also started teaching Psychic Development, and Energy. I wanted to share the understanding that these modalities are about understanding our own minds, our own selves, they're about diving inside of ourselves, looking inwards.

But I realised that something was missing, so I dove even deeper. I studied NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy and also Life coaching at The Mind Academy.

This gave me the missing piece of the puzzle. These amazing modalities are at the forefront of change. They bring a new way, new understandings of our deeper mind, our unconscious mind, and how to tap into this so we can bring transformation into our lives.

Being able to understand my mind, and how it works, has given me the tools and the confidence to transform my life. I am able to create and bring forth what I want in so many areas of my life. Understanding how Energy works has given me the eyes to look at the world in a way where I can see much more than what there is.

I am so excited to share this with you, to provide a space where you can also start to understand yourself, your mind, your Energy, and bring phenomenal change into your life. 

Are you ready to Transform?

Palm Beach, Murwillumbah and Online sessions are now available.