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Higher Self Mastery Program:

Session 1: Inner Alignment Assessment (1.5 hours)

In this initial session, our focus will be  to deeply understand your present state, establish clear objectives, and chart a course for your transformative journey.

We'll dive into an open conversation about your current challenges and existing practices. Using precise energy insights, we'll pinpoint areas calling for attention. Together, we'll set meaningful goals and fortify your intentions through visualisation, anchoring them with NLP techniques. Additionally, we'll unearth your unique gifts. By the end of our session, we'll have crafted a focused plan for the next four sessions, seamlessly incorporating energy work and NLP as needed. We'll also outline key themes and establish realistic milestones.


Session 2: Deepening Connections (1 hour)

In this session we'll dive deeper into the dynamics of your inner world, strengthening the connection between you and your higher self, while delving into the energies that encompass your being.

We'll commence with an open conversation about any shifts since our last meeting, incorporating any newfound insights and perspectives. Through practical exercises, we'll discover energies that fuel your journey, aligning them with your goals and reinforcing your inner connection. Additionally, we'll discuss tailored practices and techniques, showing you how they can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.


 Session 3: Purpose Discovery (1 hour)

This session is designed to gently guide you toward the illumination and comprehension of your authentic purpose.

We'll begin by revisiting our progress, addressing experiences and potential emotional barriers that have surfaced. Through an in-depth exploration, we'll uncover the essence of your true purpose. I firmly believe that this knowledge resides deep within each of us. As we progress, we'll navigate any limiting beliefs or emotional blocks that may arise. By the end of the session, we'll collaboratively set actionable intentions aligned with your purpose, empowering you to carry them forward.


Session 4: Embracing Intuition (1 hour)

Our goal in this session is to cultivate and foster trust in your innate intuition, allowing it to serve as a constant guide in your life's journey.

We'll take a moment to reflect on your journey, addressing any residual emotional barriers through a blend of energy work and NLP techniques. You'll engage in specific exercises and activities designed to amplify and refine your intuitive abilities, reinforcing your trust in this amazing inner resource. We'll also discuss strategies to empower you to act upon your intuitive insights with confidence. I'll equip you with a personalised toolkit of exercises to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, ensuring they become second nature. Finally we'll look back on all the wins that you've had up to now, so you can measure how far you've come.


 Session 5: Integration and Achievement (1 hour)

Our final session is dedicated to integration and celebrating your growth and achievements.

We'll review the entirety of our journey together, highlighting key breakthroughs and transformations. Through reflection and discussion, we'll ensure that the tools, practices, and insights gained during our sessions become a seamless part of your daily life. This session is an opportunity to acknowledge your progress and to solidify and ground your commitment to your ongoing spiritual journey. Together, we'll celebrate your accomplishments and set the stage for your continued growth and alignment with your higher self.



Hypnotherapy, NLP and Energy Sessions

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